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5 Powerful Ways Special Needs Parents Impact the World | Different Dream Living

Check out these 5 powerful ways special needs parents impact the world. Never doubt that what you are doing is of lasting, eternal importance.

5 powerful ways special needs parents impact the world may sound hyperbolic to people looking in on the disability community. But I’ve been part of a caregiving family all my life, and I assure you that special needs parents impact the world every single day. We just don’t realize it.┬áIn fact, we tend to discount the importance of what we do. To see if that’s true for you, read through the following statements.

  • When someone asks about my job, I say things like “I’m just a mom” and “I’m just a dad.”
  • I sometimes think other people contribute more to society than I do.
  • I sometimes think my life is too ordinary to make a difference.
  • I rarely ask our physician questions about treatment options for my child because the doctor is the expert.
  • I don’t say much at parent-teacher conferences or IEP meetings, because the teachers and administrators know more about education than I do.
  • I care for my child, but that’s just what parents do. It’s no big deal.

If 1 or more of the above statements describes you at least once in a while, you are selling yourself short as a special needs parents. As Bob Newhart said in one of the best comedy sketches ever, you need to stop it because your work caring for a child with special needs is making a huge difference. In fact, here are 5 powerful ways special needs parents impact the world.

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